Fail but improve - Rule 004

August 16, 2023 •

Failure is only permanent if you do not learn from it. Failing plays a crucial role in your growth and development, and so does self-improving. Failure should not be villainized so long as it's followed up with a way to improve. We apply this principle in coding by having a testing environment that gives the developers full access to break and restores easily. We also do this by encouraging the making of a unit test of the error when an error happens.

We give almost 100% responsibility to each person for general work. No one person is perfect, as man is to error. When a person inevitably fails, we come together to figure out why. We then write in Google Docs what we learned and how we can avoid a repeat of the same in the future. It’s important to ensure the notes are used only for improvement.

This rule is part of our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence.

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