Tiger Blog Engine

April 12, 2023 •


Tiger Blog Engine is our blog engine that powers TigerTeamX.com and OpenMoo.com. The engine takes markdown files and turns them into a beautiful blog based on the static site generator way.

How to use?

  1. Download your copy from TODO.
  2. Setup specifications in config.json. You can have multiple for each environment (e.g. local and one for production)
  3. Run ./tigerblog.py buildserve and see the result

Why Yet Another Blog Engine?

XKCD Standards

There are already tonnes of blog engines, and we used quite a few. Pelican, GoHugo, Gatsby. However, they all seem to have the same problems. They intend to make it possible for non-developer to make a blog without any programming. However, this results in it making it frustrating and time-consuming to customize. Why? Because you never know if the "right way" is somewhere in the complicated configuration system or in the templates. The configuration system is something that can take months or even years, to learn. The philosophy of Tiger Blog Engine is to have only minimal configuration, and everything else you have to program. This means it is easy for developers to reason about it, but harder for non-developers to customize. Besides this, we simplify everything we can. We don't have categories, labels, sections etc.. we just have tags. We don't have a complicated flow, we just have one script that runs and some templates. This makes the code less than 400 lines long of simple and understandable code and some templates. Easy for you to hack a good solution together.