Duckist Marketing Strategy Breakdown

June 25, 2023 •

This is a working document on our marketing campaign for

What does Duckist Do?

Send passwords instantly and securely.

Why we built Duckist

  • Clients don't want complicated solutions to sharing passwords
  • They instead want to send clear text, which is a no-no
  • Here you can send passwords using encrypted messages that auto-expire after usage or time


  1. Freelancers who send sensitive information to clients
  2. Coworkers sharing passwords
  3. External people who need access to internal things

Overall Brainstorming On How to reach

With, we most likely won't be able to sustain growth with ads and profitability because:

  1. It is a competitive space
  2. We charge very little per person

However, we have advantages, such as it is easy sending a secret, and everyone will backlink to Duckist, and thus, when we get enough critical mass, it should go viral.

To bootstrap the marketing, we will use 2000 euros as wisely as possible - time not priced in this calculation.

Idea 1: SEO

Long-tail keywords. We are currently (as of 2023.06.25) ranked on the second page on Google and finally receiving some traffic. We have around 13 more articles in the pipeline that we will release to see what happens, but we'll figure out more things to do while we do this. We have also bought various backlinks that work their magic.

We will continue to release articles and get indexed by Google. We will also spread articles using network of articles distributions

Idea 2: ProducHunt

We'll hype it on ProductHunt, and the plan is to release it at the start of July.

Idea 3: Twitter Ads

Do different Twitter Ads targeting :

  1. People who talk about freelancing
  2. People who talk about business
  3. Build In Public / IndieHacker crowd

Idea 4: Video of Duckist

Maybe like

And either pay for traffic on YouTube or something like that. Con of this is I am not a sexy lady, and I'll need to spend time on that. Pro could go viral.

Idea 5: Individualized Direct Messages

Send direct messages to people on Twitter and LinkedIn. I can try with both texts and videos (yes, you can send videos). Videos are more personal, BUT it takes more time.

If it works, I could get a VA to do it, and we can scale up marketing efforts this way.

Idea 6: Guerilla Marketing Cold outreach Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can contact freelancers. We can do the reverse of what is actually supposed to happen. We pitch them products. It is a bit of guerilla warfare-styled marketing, and I'd like to stay on the platform, but could be worth a try.

Idea 7: Email Marketing

How to find prospects?

Idea 8: Affiliates

I am looking into for affiliates. The nice thing about affiliates is you get experts to sell your products, and you can focus on what you're good at. It is a win-win when it works well.

Idea 9: is a new engine that auto-direct-message people on Twitter. It looks cool and seems like it could be an automatic sales engine.

Idea 10: AppSumo

To do

Idea 11: Browser Plugin

To Do

Bonus: Ask for Feedback

When contacting people, you can entice people by offering them something for free. It is a million times (scientific value here) easier to sell free than 1 cent. I'll focus on feedback for 12 months of free Pro.

Current Plan

Next Week plan

  1. Get our CopyWriting ready for ProductHunt launch. Engage with friends about upvoting
  2. Setup 2 campaigns and spend 100 euros on each and see what one does the best
  3. Then start DMing people with 12 months free for feedback. Do part video and part text but all custom. Do 2 video-based and 2 text-based DMs a day.