Article Distribution - Employee Notes 2023 week 20

May 26, 2023 •

This week I met with one of our VA - a jack of all trades. He showed me how he releases articles. Here are the notes and what we do to improve.

The first thing is QuilBot is always on to help him improve his writing. The reasoning is he is a nonnative speaker and wants to help him with this.

After he takes on our distribution templates and fills in the details of this methodology

He reads the article Then, researches the perfect place to distribute the article Write notes and uses QuilBot to improve the writing Writes in the details and send the task to me for approval

To find subreddits, he started to check individual subreddit rules jumping forward and backward.

Improvements of the week

The overall flow is already well optimized, but some things could be improved:

We can use ChatGPT or QuilBot to summarize the article - this way, he avoids reading the whole article I also noticed how cool QuilBot is, and I'll use that in the future. Maybe we'll buy a subscription for our company Some distribution channels only require a link and are thus more time-efficient. These should be preferred. Sometimes, the text description is quite long from what is needed. Simplify Extend our article distribution list with subreddits and their rules.