21 Best Startup Directories to Promote Your Business for Free

April 21, 2023 •


Launching a startup is quite an exhilarating experience. However, you face one major hurdle right out of the gate -- getting it in front of the right audience. Regardless of your product's value, it is bound to fail if you cannot present it to your target audience.

To solve this, you may take the beaten path and utilize paid ads and marketing campaigns, which are costly. Fortunately, you can showcase your business on online startup directories, where you're likely to reach your target audience.

What is a startup directory?

A startup directory is a website where you can submit your brand's offerings and receive comments, press coverage, and even early adopters. On these websites are audiences interested in a particular niche, which bodes well for marketers targeting a specific demographic.

Registering your brand with these startup listing websites has several perks. For starters, they often contain follow and no-follow backlinks to your website. Further, these directories tend to have high domain authority. As such, listing on them can significantly improve your site's SEO ranking, prompting more traffic and business growth.

What are the best startup directories to promote your business?

Local directories are a great tool for getting noticed. Unfortunately, most directories on the web are spammy and can hurt your brand's reputation if you register with them. We've done the legwork and ranked 20 top websites to find startups and market your business.


OpenMoo is an open business directory developed by the TigerTeamX team. It stands out from the competition by allowing seamless exports of all your data and search records. This means that you can easily access your data in a usable format across other applications. What's more, with this feature, you can register your startup with us and post it on several different directories, effectively increasing your reach and building your app trust on the web..

Feed My App

Boasting more than 5000 users, https://feedmyapp.com is a platform that lists and reviews recently launched web and mobile apps. To get your app featured on the platform, click "Submit an App" on the homepage. This will launch some forms you'll need to fill in with information about your app.

If it stands out, the Feed My App team will review your application and feature it on the homepage. Submissions are free, but you can pay fees starting from $9 to increase your chances of being featured.

Beta List

betalist.com is a platform showcasing new startups in the technology niche, software, and hardware. For instance, a listed Quick API app enables you to create APIs from any data without coding.

To list your app, click "Submit Startup" on the landing page. You'll require to sign in with your Twitter account. Albeit free, Beta List denotes specific submission criteria on their website that your startup must meet.


killerstartups.com is an online community of founders, entrepreneurs, and their clientele. The site boasts over 125,000 unique monthly views. Since its inception, it has discovered several notable companies, such as Uber, Tinder, and Wego.

To register your company, click "Submit your Startup" on the landing page. The registration process is free of charge.

Startup Ranking

startupranking.com is a website that lists the best startup companies from all over the world. It generates a unique ranking for each startup registered with them. This ranking is determined by a proprietary algorithm developed by the Startup Ranking team. The algorithm utilizes factors such as social media engagement and SEO enhancers like inbound and outbound links. Since these factors fluctuate, this site posts a new ranking every day. Notable companies on the platform include Telegram and W3Schools.

You can register your company for free by clicking the "Create" button. This will give you access to your brand's metrics, and up to 200 search results. You may subscribe to the Pro package for unlimited searches for $169 per month.

My Startup Tool

mystartuptool.com is a startup listing website with 183 directories on which you can list your startup. By signing up for free, you gain access to this curated list. You can then manually register your startup in the directories you desire. Alternatively, you could pay a one-time fee starting from 149 Euros to have the site's team list your startup on the most suitable directories in their database.

Startup Tabs

startuptabs.com is a browser extension that shows you new startups with each tab you open. It is free of charge and also allows free startup registrations. To submit, click "Startup Lister" on its official website's header. Under "Traffic", click on "Submit Your Startup" and fill in your company's details. Notable brands listed on this startup discovery engine include Slack and Centrallo.

Startup Inspire

startupinspire.com is an online gallery with a startup list over 4800 companies long. On it, you can register your company for free by clicking the submit button on the homepage. However, your company's listing will be pending approval, and you can only register one startup. For instant approval and the option to register unlimited brands, you may purchase their pro package for 29 Euros.

Startup Sea

startupsea.com is a website that lists top web and mobile startups. To register your startup, click "Submit Startup" on the site's header and fill out the following forms. It'll be published and featured on the homepage if it stands out.


starticorn.com is a free startup directory that lists the world's hottest startups, or "unicorns" as they call them. Notably, the site lists all the startups submitted to it on the landing page. To register your startup, hit the "Submit" button and fill in your startup's details. This registration is free of charge.

Launching Next

launchingnext.com is a website that contains over 30,000 startups. It showcases the top startups in an eye-catching grid format on its homepage. Each featured company includes a button that links to its website. To register your startup, click "Submit Startup" and fill in the required details. Registration is free of charge.


blog.betapage.co is a curated list of top new startups. You can list your startup for free by clicking on "Submit Product" and providing a short description. Users can then upvote your product to increase the website's ranking.


Launched in 2009, startupwizz.com is a website that lists the most disruptive startups on the internet and informative blogs in tech and gaming. Startup submission is free of charge and entails filling out forms with your startup's details. Additionally, you can sell your startup right on the platform.


launched.com is one of the best websites for startups on which founders showcase their projects and get feedback from early adopters. The site presents apps in a grid structure, with a logo and a synopsis of the startup in each square. To register your project on the site, click "Submit Startup" and fill in the relevant details.


geekwire.com is an authoritative technology news site based in the Seattle region. Additionally, it provides a startup list database and a monthly top 200 startup ranking. Notably, it only accepts submissions from startups headquartered in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia. You can add your company for free by tapping the "Lists" dropdown on the header and selecting the startup list option. Next, tap the "Submit Your Startup" button. The GeekWire team will review your submission and promote it on their site if it meets their standards.

Product Hunt

producthunt.com is a popular platform for startups to gain visibility and build a user base. Its listing includes web and mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and other tech products. Being community-driven, the ranking of startups on the platform's homepage relies on user upvotes. Adding a startup is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, the website features a "how to post a product" feature that walks founders through the entire submission process.

Tech to Market

techtomarket.net is a commercialization platform for new products and tech startups. On it, founders can launch pre-sales and list their products for sale, after which they are matched with clients. To list your startup on this site, click "Submit a Product" and follow the prompts. The Tech to Market team will review it and get back to you.

Startup Buffer

startupbuffer.com is a directory that lists and promotes startups on their website, social networks, and android and iOS apps. On it, you can discover popular startups from all over the world, or submit your own. The latter entails filling in your startup's details and a short elevator pitch of the project.


startupbase.io is a platform that promotes tech startups on its homepage. Interestingly, each listing includes the name and face of each company founder. Submission is free, but the website stipulates strict criteria that your startup must fulfill before being considered for review. Notably, you'll need a StartupBase account to get started. Alternatively, you could log in using your Twitter account and a few personal details.


feedmystartup.com is a platform that showcases several up-and-coming startups, emphasizing the story behind their journeys. Launched in 2017, the platform has shared several articles on entrepreneurship and its hardships. To get your startup listed on the website, click "Submit Your Startup" on the header or email them a 700-word article on your company.

Startup 88

startup88.com is a directory that showcases stories behind popular startups on the web. Their model revolves around storytelling, as a well-told story can beat advertising in attracting investors as well as customer interest. To submit your startup, click "Pitch Your Startup or Product" and follow the prompts.


Marketing a startup through campaigns and ads can prove expensive, as most founders struggle with obtaining funding. However, you can grow your company's popularity by listing it on directories of similar businesses. Here, you will likely reach your intended clients and grow your user base.