Marketing In Public Day 34

Today: Basic Marketing

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

#buildinpublic #indiedev


  • Followers: from 280 to 305!
  • Tweets: 1648 to 1692


  • Reminder urls will deboost your Tweets!
  • Even non-links urls
  • What you don't see is a lot of DMs
  • Offering services, collaborations, friendship or sales.
  • Best networking mechanism ever.
  • Made my first "cold-dm" for a free product and got positive response.

The Personal MBA summary

"Ads is the tribute to not standing out", Robert Stephens

  • Vibram Five Fingers is branding themselves by being weird
  • Everyone talks about them, so every sold copy is free marketing
  • How to get that in software? Be diffent

The Possible Buyer

  • 6 Billion people, 99.99% wont care about your product
  • Successful businesses rely on matching the buyer/seller cheaply

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