Marketing In Public Day 31

Today: Ads and Basic Marketing

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

#buildinpublic #indiedev


  • Followers: from 222 to 239
  • Tweets: 1472 to 1566
  • @cris_pintea also started doing marketing in public!

Twitter Ads

  • Getting more users
  • Also non-bots
  • Not sure if it is the ads or smaller accounts blowing up

Reading The Personal MBA

  • Slow as I read it in Spanish
  • Notes here and in Anki
  • Great book!

The Personal MBA - Marketing v31

  • Marketing is the art/science of making visible
  • Distinct from sales (closing the deal)
  • Limited attention of right people
  • Of course, you can skateboard in a pink bunny costume to get attention
  • Not worth anything - older book. TikTok changed this

Attract Attention

  • Not a popularity contest - the objective is profitability
  • How to get more attention? Up interest level
  • I'd add: be different. Maybe better, simpler, easier, feature-full(harder)
  • and maybe different channels

Reception 1/2

  • The perfect shoe for one is the worst for another
  • Don't target everyone, then you'll target nobody
  • People filter hard to stay sane
  • But fans are very open, e.g., J.K. Rowling
  • Probably why Twitter is so good for big accounts

Reception 2/2

  • Mass-produced content won't work well
  • So style, form, and personalized is key to success
  • E.g., hand-written mail often gets opened even by the CEOs

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