Marketing In Public Day 21

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

I am learning by doing - documenting winnings and failings
And inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #indiehackers


  • Followers: from 124 to 136!
  • Tweets: 990 to 1040

Awesome Thread by @erwanlier 1/2

Awesome Thread by @erwanlier 2/2

  • Engage 20m morning, 20m afternoon
  • Engage with people you like
  • Quality Comments, not quantity
  • Spend max 50m/day
  • Stop scrolling
  • Use more "I" show experience


  • Cool virtual meetup for entrepreneurs
  • Met @gyulanemeth85 @RickDotNet @axmacinsky @krisbuildsstuff @outofsigma
  • #buildinpublic crowd

New Followings

  • @justmrmendez cool Cuban dev!
  • @erwanlier <-- great thread
  • @RickDotNet met him yesterday, 1. beta user for our Task management system

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