Marketing In Public Day 19

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

I am learning by doing - documenting winnings and failings
And inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #indiehackers


  • Followers: from 115 to 120
  • Tweets: 898 to tweets 940

Evaluation of Twitter Campaign

  • Didn't work - I restarted it manually and then it worked
  • But it reset the limit for some reason.
  • Instead of 25 euros per day for 4 days, it was doing 100 euros per day for 10 days?
  • 55 Clicks for 100 euros - 0 conversions.
  • Not Worth It with this setting

Interesting Marketing Tool

  • Moonio dot io
  • Connects you with creators and make deals between
  • Kinda like affiliate
  • I'll try to set this up one of the days for Duckist

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