Marketing In Public Day 08

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

I am learning by doing - documenting winnings and failings
Maybe inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #indiehacker #software #mvp #marketing

Today's agenda

  • Review of Yesterday (ROY)
  • New Followings
  • Engage with 2 new people
  • 2 DMs

ROY - Observations 1/2

  • Bio Update - still need background cover though
  • You can find related people on a person under the "Who to follow" (scroll down from profile)
  • Learned more ChatGPT from @dobroslav_dev Thank you.
  • Learning new stuff everyday on Twitter

ROY - How to interact 2/2

@FilipeHQ made a tweet about how to grow on Twitter

New Following

  • @sisidotdev Same path as me and have same ideals - provide value, meet people. Coolest app @productglowup
  • @ItsRohanPhilip 15yo solopreneur building cool stuff
  • @TechHustleHQ Same journey as me, cool tweets
  • @Kmaticu Cool guy selling using @gumroad


  • Twitter followers: from 68 to 72. 4 More (5.9%)
  • Tweets: 437 to 445 tweets

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