Marketing In Public Day 07

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

I am learning by doing - documenting winnings and failings
Maybe inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #indiehacker #software #mvp #marketing

Today's agenda

  • Review of Yesterday (ROY)
  • Engage with 4 new people
  • Bio Update in separate video

ROY - Observations 1/2

  • Only engaged with people, didn't have a lot of time
  • Follower on Reddit a OF. model though hehe

ROY - New Followings 2/2

  • Not supposed to follow new people, but found these interesting people
  • @Omelakonye1 Digital Marketer, might be able to help with Duckist, ElegantDoc or Toolel
  • @radumind talked about ideas for new projects


  • Twitter followers: from 66 to 68. 2 More (3%)
  • Tweets: 426 to 437 tweets

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