Marketing In Public Day 04

Journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

I am learning by doing - documenting winnings and failings
Maybe inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #indiehacker #software #mvp #marketing

Today's agenda

  • Review of Yesterday (ROY)
  • Follow 4 more & engage
  • Min 20 Tweets

ROY - General Observations 1/3

  • Even with a light day I found good interesting people
  • Talked with @TwiyoContent
    • finding his community by replying to interesting people
    • like me
  • Putting slides on Twitter is surprisingly good

ROY - Fraser 2/3

  • @iamfra5er founder who does "cold-emailing" before making a product
  • Quite popular and a lot of people recommend selling before building
  • I will definitely do more of that with new products

ROY - New Followings 3/3

  • @navinpeiris followed me, cool solopreneur with good content
  • @PR0GRAMMERHUM0R for the funs of it
  • @borislau_music music guy turned dev, cool combo
  • @AzizBytes fellow dev, sharing great memes
  • @DougKennedy93 Ghost writer, cool content


  • Twitter followers: from 59 to 63. 4 More (6.7%)
  • Tweets: 303 to 343 tweets

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