Marketing In Public Day 03

Our journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers

It is learning by doing
See my fails
And hopefully wins as well
Maybe inspire you to take action!

Hashtags #buildinpublic #marketinginpublic #indiehacker

Today's agenda

  • Review of Yesterday (ROY)
  • Follow 4 more & engage
  • Min 20 Tweets

ROY - General Observations 1/2

  • Framing matters a great deal. Am I?
    1. Acquiring followers - dull, passive
    2. Making a community - more nice
    3. Finding your community - better

ROY - New Following 2/2

  • @TheRealRyanKeys followed me and noticed he has an interesting profile with content creation, might be worth DMing him
  • @dobroslav_dev Czech Indie hacker builds interesting products
  • @dgut_ cool logo generator to prototype logos for our mvps
  • @nikpolale interesting guy who started very early (17 years old)


  • Twitter followers: from 54 to 59 - 5 followers more
  • Percentage growth 59/54=9.35%
  • Tweets: 276 to 303 tweets

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