Marketing In Public - day 01

This is our journey on getting 1000 Twitter followers.
Why stick around? Learn, get inspired, and have great fun!

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Today's agenda

  • Review of Yesterday (ROY)
  • Buy Twitter Blue - with screencast
  • Follow 4 more & engage
  • Min 20 Tweets

Review of Yesterday

  • Found 5 interesting peeps and wrote 2 tweets each:
  • Read about how to be a better tweeter - read notes/sources below


  • Don't external link - like I did yesterday with YouTube
  • Boosters 30x likes, 20x retweeets, 2x images/videos, 1x replies
  • Threads are the secret sauce, reuse slides here
  • Do more engagement and be patient


  • Twitter followers: from 42 to 48
  • Growth after day: 48-42=6
  • Percentage growth 48/42=14%

Was this interesting? Then follow here:

DM is open for suggestions

5 interesting peeps and wrote 2 tweets each:

  • @jasonvana branding / content strategist
  • @mattbarkercopy lead generator guy
    • Recommends threads for better virality
    • Write with numbers, e.g. How to steal an audience on LinkedIn in 8 simple steps (this is a secret)
  • @aakashg0 General advice on algo
  • @Laraacostar organic twitter marketing 964 followers (my path)
  • @startwithvivek startup founder
    • Recommends listen to audience, niche keywords, clear bio, threads, 10 friends per day,

What I learned from @dagorenouf

  • Find people and engage with them and their likes
  • Avoid writer's block
  • more is better

What I learned from @aakashg0

  • Boosters: 30x for likes, 20x retweets, replies ONLY 1, images/vids 2x
  • Deboosters: External linking, mutes, blocks, , unfollows, reports, "misinfo"
  • Blue extends the reach
  • Grouped with similar people - harder to extend
  • Spelling matters

What I learned from @thisiskp_

  • Writing gets easier
  • Threads go more in-depth (might have changed with Twitter Blue Long form)
  • Circumventing "no-reach" zone by replying to authoritative people's tweets.
  • Asks questions of higher following accounts
  • Reuse great content as weekly threads
  • Ref. bigger accounts in your threads
  • DM people whose content moves you and start a relationship
  • Make a great bio
  • Be patient

website buildinpublic at xyz path/resources-posts-database/the-no-bs-way-to-grow-from-0-to-3000-followers-on-twitter